Ultra quiet air compressor Rolair JC10 Review

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A portable, very quiet air compressor that mixes high performance with low, low volume. Our Rolair JC10 review  finds this compressor is compact, easy to use, low maintenance and works for hours at a time with less waiting for compressor catch up!

Air Delivery @ 40PSI3.0 scfm
Air Delivery @ 90PSI2.35 scfm
Assembled Weight39 lbs
Compressor UsesRoofing guns, Trim/Finish Guns, Woodworking
Horsepower1 HP
Maximum Pressure Rating125psi
Motor TypeInduction
Nozzle Fitting Size1/4"
Operating PositionVertical
Package Weight39 lbs
Side HandleNo
Switch TypePressure
Tank Capacity2.5 gallons
Tank ConfigurationSingle
Voltage Rating120V
Warranty1 year
Working Pressure Gauge0-150


  • The Rolair JC-10 is perhaps the most quiet air compressor available today at only 60db – incredibly quiet!
  • Work for long stretches of time with less waiting for the compressor to catch up, thanks to the 2.5 gallon tanks capacity
  • Oil-less design leads to much less maintenance and downtime – just plug it in and off you go!
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Easy to transport between sites due to lightweight design – only 39lb!
  • Starts well even in cold weather, thanks to oil-less motor and clever ‘cold start valve’
  • Protective roll cage helps protect pump and motor prevent possible damage when transporting
  • Heavy Duty industrial grade with ball bearings for greater durability
  • Motor only draws 8 amps, so you can run it on an extension cord
  • 2 pistons gives you 2.35 CFM
  • Built with an induction motor, offering up to ten times more hours of use than the alternative universal motor
  • Built in safety feature – head pressure automatically released by electronic valve if unit is unplugged from the mains


  • Gauge is a little difficult to see from above


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Incredibly Quiet Air Compressor

With the Rolair JC-10, you will finally be able to work indoors without deafening yourself, waking the baby and annoying your wife! The JC-10 really is astonishingly quiet, easily the quietest 1HP unit you will find. A VERY quiet air compressor! You can work away for a few hours and it’s quiet enough to talk to others or listen to the radio. If you are using it for work in a public space or office environment, it is quiet enough that you can work away in the background without disturbing people too much at all. With the main feature being this quiet, lower-than-coversation level volume, I know this is a big favourite amongst, for example, inside trim carpenters. It’s perfect for remodeling jobs, where a typical loud high-speed compressor might be a real annoyance. The Rolair JC-10 just sits in the background, purring like a kitten.

Rolair are renowned for making top quality, reliable equipment, and the JC-10 is no exception. Another great Rol air compressor – Built with all the essentials, and only the best parts, yet they somehow manage to keep the prices low as well. I don’t know how they do it. Read more of our Rolair JC-10 review for more information.

Plenty of Power and Rapid Recovery Rate

For a compact air compressor, it’s got plenty of power with a 1HP motor. It has very little vibration, takes only about a minute to get to full capacity (125psi) and a rapid recovery rate, refilling in about 10 seconds. Because it is oil-less, it doesn’t require any time to break in. Just turn it on, and off you go! This really is the perfect air compressor for airbrushing or interior trim work, using the likes of nail guns and staplers. It easily copes with finish nailers and anything smaller. You could run up to 2 or 3 trim guns, maybe a roofing gun or two as well. For larger nailers, it manages to keep up well, but not at quite as fast a pace. It is not really designed for all day work on large trim. You should be able to run a framing nailer with the JC10 and fire around nine 12d nails before the compressor cycles on a respectable effort for a compressor of this size. All in all, an excellent performance for a compact air compressor.

Easy to Carry and Roll Cage Protected

Coming in at around 39lb, this is easily light enough to transport anywhere you want it. You can carry it about and move it anytime you want. It’s light enough to carry with one hand and have your toolbag in the other. You can even carry it up a ladder on your shoulder (although for safety reasons I have to recommend you don’t!). Some compact compressors come a little lighter than this, but part of the weight in this Rol air compressor is due to the well built motor and heavy duty roll cage. The roll cage is a feature that is well worth a little extra weight. It gives the whole compressor a solid feel, and protects all the important parts from damage (dropping the compressor, or dropping something on top of it). You can have the best equipment in the world, but if it’s vulnerable from damage on a busy site then sooner or later you’ll regret it. The Rolair JC-10 keeps itself well protected. And if something where to happen, Rolair have a 800 number and service centres throughout the US.

Oil-less Design for Low Maintenance and Easy Cold Starts

The Rolair JC-10 is oil-less, which makes things much easier for you. There is much less maintenance. You don’t have to worry about oil levels. Just take it out of the box, plug it in and you are good to go (it can run on an extension cord, as it only draws 8 amps). You can also work at an angle (on a roof) and not have to worry about the oil level. Oil-less motors also have no problems starting when it is cold outside. A motor that uses oil, if it sits in your cold garage, or you have it out on a site on a cold winter morning, the oil will get thick and it is much harder to get the motor up and running. You will not have this problem with the Rolair oil-less motor! As well as this, it comes with a special ‘cold start valve’, which releases a bit of head pressure so the motor isn’t working against itself when it is cold. It’s a godsend on those bitter December work days.

Long Lasting Induction Motor

It is also worth mentioning that the JC-10 has an induction motor, as opposed to the alternative universal motor. This is a big advantage, as the induction motors last much longer, and can give you almost ten times more hours of use.

Rolair JC10 review: For the amount of power, coupled with the low low volume, this is incredible value. To get a more favourable mix of power and low noise, you will need to pay almost 4 times as much, and the difference is slight. At $250 you are getting an amazing deal for your money. Check out Amazon to see what great reviews it has been getting across the board. If you are interested I recommend moving quickly – at last check Amazon only had 4 left in stock! This Rol air compressor selling fast!

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Rolair JC10 review