Impact Driver Information

Is it time to upgrade to an Impact Driver?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for impact driver information. Perhaps you find your standard drill is struggling at certain jobs, and it’s time for an upgrade. Impact drivers can tackle a whole other level of home improvement tasks that your standard drill may not be able to handle, at least not without feeling strained and leaving your arms doing too much of the work.

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An impact driver is a must have for any home hobbyist. They can handle all sorts of different tasks and can work through a range of jobs with great speed. On a side by side comparison, there are very few areas in which they won’t outperform a standard drill. We have a range of impact driver reviews (and we’ve only chosen the best of the bunch) but before you get into those basics, read this impact driver information to learn a little of how they work. What makes impact drivers so good?

The first thing you need to know is that impact drivers can do more jobs, and do them easier. This is because they are designed in such a way as to create more power and spin at a higher speed. The key to this extra kick is the addition of rotational torque. Imagine attaching a wrench to the drill bit and hitting it with a hammer to give it extra driving force. This is essentially what impact drivers do. Impact drivers are fitted with a spring loaded internal system which creates this rotational torque as and when the job demands it. Even with this extra power they are usually smaller and more compact than a traditional cordless drill, for example.

The ‘impact’ referred to in the name is the impact taking place within the drill to create this extra force. It does not mean that the drill bit itself moves in a different way to impact with the target surface. This is what hammer drills do, but not impact drivers. This means that the drill is containing the force it is creating, so it is easier for you to handle, and the extra force is all expending through the drilling. Impact drivers are actually often easier to use and more comfortable. You will certainly appreciate the extra work the impact has done instead of your arms after a few hours work.

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The other obvious side effect of this increased power with less effort is that you will get through jobs quicker. Firstly – the drill literally drives through materials quicker and easier. And also you will find much less struggle with your various jobs.

Remember that you can use your impact driver as both a driver and a drill.

For all these benefits, it’s surprising that impact drivers are both smaller and lighter that standard drills. This will immediately reduce the amount of work you have to do, as you’ll be working with a load that weighs about half as much as a standard drill. The smaller size also makes it easier to work in cramped, hard-to-reach places.