Grizzly G0690 Review! This one’s got some bite!

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The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw surely raises the bar for quality and performance. Everything you want in a Grizzly table saw – power, stability, precision and convenience. Built to last, it’s not just a power tool – this is an investment! Read on with our Grizzly G0690 review.
Maximum Blade Diameter10"
Arbor Size5/8"
Arbor Speed4,300 rpm
Maximum Width of Dado13/16"
Blade Tilt DirectionLeft
Max Blade Tilt45 Deg.
Maximum Depth of Cut at 90 Deg.3-1/8"
Maximum Depth of Cut at 45 Deg.2-3/16"
Max Rip Right of Blade w/Included Fence & Rails29-1/2"
Max Rip Left of Blade w/Included Fence & Rails12"
Fence TypeCamlock T-Shape w/HDPE Face
Miter Gauge Slot TypeT-Slot
Miter Gauge Slot Size Width3/4"
Miter Gauge Slot Size Height3/8"
Table & WingsPrecision-Ground Cast Iron
CabinetPre-formed Steel
TrunnionsCast Iron
No of Dust Ports1 (4")
Item Weight530 lb

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  • 4300 RPM of arbor speed gives smooth precision cuts.
  • Excellent level of power from from 220-volt Single Phase 3 HP triple belt drive motor.
  • Well built, solid construction (cast iron trunnions, table and wings)
  • Good quality riving knife and camock T-fence.
  • Magnetic switch and heavy cast handwheels very convenient.
  • Easy, quick changes for T-slot miter gauge, guard and riving knives.
  • Excellent 4″ dust collection port that works with a variety of dust collection systems.
  • Arbor size: 5/8-Inch; Maximum dado width: 13/16-Inch • Maximum rip capacity: 291/2-Inch
  • Maximum dado width: 13/16-Inch • Maximum rip capacity: 291/2-Inch
  • Maximum depth of cut @ 90-Degree: 3-1/8-Inch • Maximum depth of cut @ 45-Degree: 2-3/16-Inch


  • Can take time to adjust riving knife after set-up.

Date first available: MAY 2009

Precise and Accurate

Think Grizzly and what do you think? Big, strong, and not to be messed with? Well you would be exactly right if you were thinking of the Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw. Read our Grizzly G0690 Review for more information!

The G0690 is a strong and sturdy Grizzly table saw. It has plenty of power (coming from the 220-volt Single Phase 3 HP triple belt drive motor) and runs very smoothly. There is no vibration, which is a surprise especially considering the power it is generating. The top is very flat, smooth and well finished. Once you have it set-up and tweaked so everything is precise and accurate (this usually doesn’t require too much work, but can vary – some people find it arrives all perfectly aligned, and some find they need to tweak it a bit) you will find this saw to be an absolute pleasure to use. The riving saw works excellently and the accuracy of the cuts is as close to perfect as you will find.

Smooth and Square

The fence is constructed in such a way as to lead to maximum glide and smooth adjustment. It is easy to adjust and align. It is connected to adjustable buttons on front and back rails (as opposed to riding on the actual table surface as many other table saws do). It keeps the glide smooth and most importantly keeps is square. It is unlikely you will have any problems with alignment.

More Horsepower, Less Effort

If you have previously been working with a table saw with less HP, upgrading to this 3 HP model will make a huge difference to your woodwork. Pushing the wood through takes much less effort, and so you can get more done quicker and easier. Even large hardwood cuts are easy to manage and always come out accurate.

Solid and Reliable Cast Iron Parts

The Grizzly G0690 is also very well built. This is a heavy, solid saw, with most of the key parts (the trunnions, the table and the wings) made of cast iron and you can feel the security and the quality of this as you use the saw. Nothing slips or moves when you are cutting large pieces of wood. This saw is built to last, so a purchase of this is a real solid investment for the future. You can use this for years, teach your kids to use it, and you can trust it will stay strong and keep performing for years and years to come.

The dust collection works well, so you will find there is very little cleaning to do after use, which always saves a nice bit of time.

Easy to Assemble Grizzly Table Saw

Having large items like this delivered, it is natural to be a little apprehensive about what state it will arrive and how well you will be able to put it all together. Well with this table saw you have nothing to worry about. Once you get it into place (which may take a few buddies to help you out) it can be assembled quite easily with well-written instructions.

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Grizzly G0690 Review: All in all, this is an excellent, reliable cabinet table saw. It’s well worth checking out on Amazon and reading all the other reviews. The price tag is also a LOT less than many comparable cabinet table saws in the marketplace! If the price tag is still a little on the steep side, perhaps a hybrid table saw is more up your street. We recommend you check out our Grizzly G0715P Review – an excellent hybrid table saw!

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