Circular Saw Information

Looking for Circular Saw Information?

If you are looking for circular saw information you have come to the right place. Perhaps you are deciding it is time to invest in your first circular saw, and you are just looking for some info to guide you in the decision making process. Well look no further.

As you can imagine there are a wide range of circular saws each with different strengths and weaknesses, and of course there is also a wide range of quality on offer, usually dictated by how much you are willing to pay. But fear not – that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good quality circular saw for a reasonable price, because you can! Have a look at some of our circular saw reviews for some prime examples of good quality, value-for-money circular saws.

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Sometimes the prices can seem like a lot, but bear in mind that this is an investment. A good quality circular saw will last a long time and be something you can even pass down to your children. There is no question that you won’t get a generations worth of work out of it.

The first thing you need to know is that there are 2 main types of circular saw: a sidewinder or a worm drive.

What is a Worm Drive Circular Saw?

In a worm drive circular saw, the motor is in line with the blade. This helps the drill to give a lot of torque. This would be the preferred type of saw for larger jobs because of this extra kick it gives to the torque. Think worm drive if you are doing large renovation jobs or framing or anything like that. A good worm drive will be able to cut through wet lumber or even concrete. The handle is placed further back so there is less kick back. Due to the design, the worm drive tends to favour right handed people.

What is a Sidewinder Circular Saw?

In a sidewinder circular saw, the motor sits alongside the blade. This makes the saw altogether a lighter power tool than the worm drive. If you are planning on working with this for hours at a time, you will appreciate a lighter tool come the evening time. The high end sidewinder are geared in such a way that they can still give an impressive amount of torque, so you can still have a powerful sidewinder.

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Here at we think price is probably the best indicator of what sort of saw you are looking for. For a good quality sidewinder you will want to spend at least $100 (unless of course you find something reduced in a sale – here we are talking RRP). This should be enough to guarantee a reliable level of quality – although be sure to double check with our reviews and Amazon customer reviews too. These can often be highly detailed and a real must for the new buyer. If you are willing to pay up to $150 you can afford a professional grade sidewinder. This will run quieter and will cut a lot easier and cleaner.

For a good quality worm drive, you would expect to pay something around the $200 mark.